C&U honorTime of publication:2020-11-10

The good news came again. With its excellent market performance and outstanding corporate strength, C&U was once again included in the 2020 "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in Manufacturing" list, ranking 309th, an increase of 9 places from the previous year.

On September 10th, the 2020 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises Summit hosted by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and supported by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office was held in Beijing. The 2020 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises and 2020 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in Manufacturing , 2020 Chinas top 100 private enterprises in the service industry list, and "2020 Chinas top 500 private enterprises survey analysis report". The report pointed out that this year’s top 500 private enterprises’ entry threshold exceeded 20 billion yuan; the total operating income of the top 500 private enterprises was 30.17 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.85%; total assets were 36.96 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.78%; after-tax net profit was 1.39 trillion yuan Yuan, an increase of 8.06%.

It is reported that the annual China Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit is the largest private enterprise event in China with the highest specifications and the strongest influence. The China Top 500 Private Enterprises is based on the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerces survey of private enterprises. The ranking results released with the total operating income as the reference indicator are known as the vane of Chinas private economic development, with extremely high authority and far-reaching social influence.

At the same time, the report also mentioned that at the beginning of this year, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic had a greater impact on our countrys economy and society, and private enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, faced greater difficulties. The survey shows that 96% of Fortune 500 companies believe that the epidemic has affected their production and operations to varying degrees. Under these circumstances, C&U Group still maintains a stable development trend with strong innovation and maintains its leading position in the industry.

Steady and far-reaching, it seems that it can best summarize the corporate style of "C&U" that has been shortlisted for many years. In the past 2019, C&U continued to promote the upgrading and optimization of the industrial structure, vigorously enhance the ability of independent innovation, focus on the development of quality and benefit improvement, open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, optimize the resource mix, and focus on customer needs and core competitiveness building while, Actively integrate the development of the enterprise into the national development strategy, accelerate the globalization of the brand, and have achieved excellent results in China and the world.