Good newsTime of publication:2022-11-14

Wenzhou Voice-static Automobile Bearing I Project was approved as a major scientific and technological innovation project in Wenzhou

On November 3, Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology released the Notice on Initiation of Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects in Wenzhou in 2022 and Issuance of Related Subsidies. The industrial project of "Development of Key Technologies and Equipment for High Efficiency and High Precision Machining of Deep Groove Ball Bearing Raceway", with Wenzhou University as the undertaking unit and Wenzhou Voice-static Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd. as the participating unit, has been recognized as a major scientific and technological innovation project in Wenzhou.

It is reported that according to the provisions of documents such as "Several Policy Opinions of Wenzhou Municipal Peoples Government on Comprehensively Accelerating Scientific and Technological Innovation to Promote the High Quality Development of Industrial Economy" (WZF [2020] No. 13), Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau has reviewed major scientific and technological innovation projects in Wenzhou in 2022 (including the "One Zone and One Corridor" project in self created areas, the "Five Counties in Mountain Areas" project for common prosperity, and the "Unveiling and Leading the World" project), which have been reviewed by experts through on-site defense and social publicity, 98 major scientific and technological innovation projects in Wenzhou in 2022 were finally established, with a subsidy of 21.0694 million yuan.

As an important basic part of bearing, bearing raceway determines the working accuracy, performance, life and reliability of bearing. With the rapid development of high-speed railway, large fans, aerospace machinery and equipment, and new energy vehicles in recent years, the demand for bearings is increasing, and the requirements for the accuracy of bearing components, especially the accuracy of bearing raceways, are also greatly improved. The new processing methods and equipment proposed in the project "Development of key technologies and equipment for efficient and high-precision machining of deep groove ball bearing raceways" can replace the traditional technology and equipment for ultra precision machining of deep groove ball bearing raceways. It has low friction coefficient, high fatigue strength, and can improve the operating characteristics of bearings, effectively reduce vibration and noise, and improve the service life and market competitiveness of bearing products, in order to improve the quality of Chinas new energy vehicles, construction machinery, general machinery and other manufacturing industries. Therefore, the project has important research significance.

In the future, Wenzhou Voice-static Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd. will take the project approval as an opportunity, rely on the companys abundant resource advantages, continue to carry forward the excellent quality of dedicated research and innovation, focus on the companys new product strategic objectives, continue to deepen technical innovation and technological breakthrough, develop more technologically leading products, and make new contributions to improve the companys technological innovation ability and market competitiveness.