EAP Employee Care Program officially kicked offTime of publication:2021-09-04
On August 31st, the "EAP Staff Care Program kick-off meeting" was held in the training classroom on the second floor of the east Restaurant of Shanghai Park. The kick-off meeting was organized by Shanghai Humanistic Group and attended by leaders of the group headquarters, regional representatives and representatives of Shanghai Humanistic Industrial Park.
EAP, or Employee Care Program, is a systematic, long-term psychological counseling service for employees. Professionals provide counseling, guidance and training to help employees solve psychological problems and improve their happiness at work and in life. Long Shaosheng, the leader of the group, made a speech. He hoped that all units and enterprise leaders would attach great importance to the management mode based on EAP, aiming at happy work and happy life for employees, personally promote the implementation of the staff care plan, actively participate in and try together, and develop an EAP management idea in line with the actual situation of our people. EAP project consultant Wang Xin introduced the project content in detail, and designed a number of service contents according to the psychological and communication demands of employees, providing professional, confidential and one-to-one psychological counseling services for employees and their families, helping employees relieve pressure and enhance their spiritual happiness.
We provide mental health assessment for employees to help them better understand their mental health status; We will create a caring ambassador team within the enterprise to better implement the care of employees into their daily care; We will regularly carry out psychological weekly knowledge sharing, mental health training salon, etc., with the theme of stress management, interpersonal relationship in the workplace, emotional health, love and marriage, career development, parent-child education, etc., to effectively solve the actual needs of employees.
Wang Aimin, chairman of the labor union of the Group, Weng Shiyang, general manager of Human Resources Management Co., LTD., Xu Kaijian, general manager representative of Shanghai Humanistic Industrial Park, and Zhang Shuwu expressed their views on the EAP project from different perspectives, and said that they would personally promote the implementation of the employee care plan and implement the employee care into their daily work.
With the witness of more than 170 people, the EAP Employee Care Program of Shanghai Humanistic Industrial Park was officially kicked off. Let us ride the train to happiness together, to create a more happy family!