Grand opening of C&U exhibition hallTime of publication:2021-09-02
With innovation as the core and industry as the main line, Wuhu Industrial Innovation Museum focuses on the development process of Building Wuhu into a comprehensive national industrial innovation center, and focuses on displaying the innovation achievements of wuhus pillar industries, strategic emerging industries and major public R&D platforms, becoming the "window of the world" to highlight the charm of Wuhu. This "window of the world", of course, is not without the presence of THE Wuhu Park of HUMANISTIC Group. On August 27, wuhu Industrial Innovation Hall "Human Exhibition Hall" opened grandly. Through physical objects, scenes, models, pictures, texts and other forms, the exhibition hall not only shows the powerful strength of the group from a new perspective of history and development, but also shows the infinite potential of its own development to many visitors!
Focusing on the development of national and local strategic emerging industries, the group develops major equipment bearings and realizes localization and independence of high-end bearings. Including new energy vehicles, robots and intelligent equipment, aerospace,modern agricultural machinery, rail transit equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, precision machine tools and other high-end bearings, supporting wuhus four pillars and ten strategic new industries in the whole field. "Wuhu Always Major Equipment Bearing Research Institute" under THE Group is a national major public RESEARCH and development platform integrating technology research and development, enterprise incubation and talent training.
"Innovation" is the name card of Wuhu city. Wuhu Industrial Innovation Hall is the external window connecting the exhibition of innovation achievements and an important platform gathering the transformation of innovation achievements.
"Innovation" is an important source of power for C&U development. We are committed to build the company into a globally competitive supplier of high-end bearing products and services!