Hangzhou C&U held fun activities welcoming 2021Time of publication:2021-01-22

The world is big, happiness is small

It’s just right to have you here

On January 9, Hangzhou Bearing Group held a fun activity "Welcome the New Year with Heart". More than 80 representatives of college students gathered together to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new year, share new year wishes.

Jiang Diyong, general manager of Hangzhou Group, Li Hui, chairman of Hexie Precision, and other leaders attended the event and extended New Years blessings and cordial condolences to the participants. Those who have the same desire up and down win, those who are in the same boat through storms and storms enter. Jiang Diyong emphasized that in the new year, the company must work together, coordinate, forge ahead, and work hard to make a good start and start for the "14th Five-Year Plan", and strive to write a new chapter for 2021.

The participants expressed their firm confidence in a bright future by speaking freely and sharing the message for the coming year. During the period, various mini games were interspersed to add fun, and the whole venue was full of laughter and joy.

In the team interaction activities of "love hug", "you play me guess", "step on the balloon" and "grab the bench", everyone worked together, worked hard, cooperated tacitly, and constantly explored methods and skills in practice. Team members chase after me, fight wit and courage, and strive for your team to be the first.

There are dancing, songs, guitar playing and singing... The wonderful performances drew bursts of applause, and the atmosphere of the scene was continuously pushed to climax after another. The emotional performance, loud singing voice, and graceful dancing posture show the vigorous spirit of contemporary college students and young workers.

Hello, 2021!

The road ahead is vast, everything can be expected

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