C&U honor and 2020 CIBIETime of publication:2020-12-16

On December 9, 2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)! The exhibition attracted nearly 1,000 exhibitors from all over the world, and C&U bearings gained much attention.

During the exhibition, leaders from China National Machinery Industry Association and China Bearing Industry Association visited the C&Us booth, Zhang Tongsheng, chairman of C&U introduced the exhibits.

The key products exhibited this time include: rail transit bearings, which adopt anti-friction and environmental protection design, with low friction torque, low temperature rise, high rigidity, and long life; new energy drive motor bearings, hub motor bearings, with high speed, anti-high and low temperature, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient; C&U high-speed electric spindle bearings play an important role by improving the performance of industrial machine tools, optimizing module design, and simplifying the machine tool structure, and are better matched to the machine tool spindle.

Relying on long-established brand recognition and international influence, the 2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition gathered nearly 1000 exhibitors, including world-renowned multinational companies, and domestically influential bearing enterprises, the exhibited products covering the entire industry chain of bearings, bearing parts, special bearing equipment and related supporting bearings.

During the four-day exhibition, C&U took the professional platform to show its strong technical strength and high-quality products to public, and actively communicated with participating experts and scholars to discuss the high-quality development of the bearing industry under the new situation. .

On the day before (December 8), "2020 Shanghai International Bearing Summit" was grandly held, which was co-sponsored by the China Bearing Industry Association, the State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings, the National Large Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center, and the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of High-end Bearing Tribology Technology and Application.

At the meeting, China Bearing Industry Association, China Machine Tool Industry Association, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China General Machinery Industry Association, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association jointly issued "About Joint Recommendations" in the 13th Five-Year Plan "Decision of Excellent Bearing Supplier".  C&U received all the awards

"Gold and silver cups are not as good as the peoples reputation, and gold and silver awards are not as good as the peoples praise". The achievement of these honors also signifies that C&U Bearing has won the high trust and affirmation of the majority of industry users in product development, stable quality, rapid feedback and overall services.