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C&U has set up 9 bearing manufacturing parks respectively located in Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Wuhu, Huangshi, bore sizes ranging from aninner diameter of 1mm to an outer diameter exceeding 6,000mm, encompassing over 30,000 unique part numbers, and annual production capacity is 2 billion sets.

C&U has rich experience in providing reliable products and specialized bearing solutions to more than 40 industries. C&U bearings are widely applied in different fields such as automobile, household appliance, motor, motorcycle, engineering machinery, electric tool, agricultural and forestry machinery, textile machinery, industrial robots, wind power, medical equipment, etc.

C&U has set up more than 30 sales subsidiaries in major bearing sales areas in China, as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, C&U has also set up trading companies in US, Germany, and Japan, which forms a global marketing channel and can provide more convenient service to customers.

C&U has the national recognized enterprise technology center, and the laboratory has passed the ISO17025 laboratory certification, which is national recognized laboratory (CNAS). With gathered domestic and overseas bearing experts, C&U has been participated in making and revising national and industry standards for 27 items, and owned 2024 national patents.

With more than 10,000 kinds of inspection, analysis and testing instruments, of which 1350 are precise instruments, C&U can make inspection, test and analysis for all kinds of bearings. Professional design and simulation analysis system can provide application analysis, design & type-selection, installation & maintenance and other systematic solution for various industries.

C&U concerns about the environment and health & safety of employees. Its subsidiaries have passed the ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, which makes environment management more systematized and structured, and the occupational health and safety management more standardized, thus further effectively improving the safety awareness of staff and company management level.

Currently, C&U is actively adjusting the industrial structure. Relying on strong technical R&D strength, refined management methods, high-quality and reliable products and services, its production model quickly changes from capacity-scale to quality-efficiency, which continues to increase the companys comprehensive competitiveness.

Adhering to the enterprise developing concept of "Credibility is the foundation, win-win is the motive, cooperation and unity is the best way.", C&U is willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and foreign partners to advance hand in hand and create a better future.

To friends of C&U

Our friendship and cooperative relations are established immediately upon you click of the web page. No matter if you are as near as in the city or as far as across the ocean, you will know that C&U is always advancing, in virtue of its endless innovation and value creation to the clients. 

Inheriting the enterprise motto of “harmonious and merciful”, C&U recruits talents from all over the world; relying on unceasing innovation, the Group is rapidly expanding and its brand value is speedily upgrading; depending on forging ahead ambition and aspirations of enterprise, C&U verified its promise of "To provide society with the highest quality products and services" in enterprise’s entrepreneurship.

Today, C&U has become one of the top 10 worldwide bearing manufacturers and gained a plenty of honors including "Chinas top 500 private manufacturers", "Chinas most competitive brands", etc. Hereby, Id like to extend my sincere appreciation and lofty respect to the leaders of all ranks, national and international partners as well as extensive clients for their ongoing care and assistance to C&U Group!

The prosperity of C&U depends on the care and support from all the domestic and international friends; depends on those who have made great contribution to C&U and those who are now dedicating their efforts to C&U. Every one of them demonstrates their great wisdom to us. These are our wealth as well as our value.

In the future course of development, C&U will rely on its developing concept of "Credibility is the foundation, win-win is the drive, cooperation and unity is the best way." Being people-oriented, to pursue comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development and actively march on the new industrialized road, and let innovation accompany the whole process of enterprise development. Moreover, C&U will focus on brand advantage in production and operation; optimize the industrial structure and product structure, on firm determination and courage of "Phoenix nirvana, born of fire", and along with the global-oriented foresight and wisdom, to transform growth model actually,  and usher in a more brilliant and new chapter for "C&U".

Sincerely wish your and our career a continuing improvement and a new brilliance!