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    Corporate concept
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    Cultural overview
  • LOGO

    Harmonious and merciful

    C&U Group adopts colors of rainbow in its logo design to stand for people of different personalities, nations, beliefs, viewpoints, genders and ages gathering into the extended family of C&U for a common goal—harmonious development.

    C&U enterprises should shoulder more social responsibility while realizing their development goals and economic values; C&U people should conduct philanthropic deeds while realizing their own life values, and hence to make our adorable community as beautiful as the rainbow, with infinite benevolence.

    Definition of Group brand: credibility is the foundation, win-win is the motive, cooperation and unity is the best way.

    C&U is derived from the first letters of the English words “cooperation and unity”, indicating that good faith is the footstone (of a road); win-win is the best motive (of car engine); unity and cooperation is the best way to advance. That is to say, the relations between C&U and government, bank, clients, suppliers, partners and employees are all based on good faith while our cooperation is based on win-win. They all together created the brand of C&U.

  • Corporate concept

    Enterprise management idea:

    Human-oriented, manage as per bylaw, develop through quality and endless innovation

    Human-oriented     Man is the first element in productivity. He is both the main body of the enterprise and the core of enterprise management. From the talent concept of "building a factory to educate people first" to the cultural connotation of "C&U is a school, it is also a warm home", the C&U Group puts people first in the management of the enterprise. Serve employees wholeheartedly and rely on the ideas of employees wholeheartedly to carry out cultural construction work. Strive to create a cultural atmosphere full of vitality at home, with strong cohesion, won the trust of users and won the support of all parties.

    Manage as per bylaw     The seriousness of the standardization construction of the C&U Group was emphasized. The standard is the "law" of the enterprise, and all activities of the enterprise must be carried out within the framework of the standard. "The standard is the largest, followed by the general manager, and everyone is equal before the standard ", this is the consistent standard of C&U Groups standardization construction. Chairman Zhang Tongsheng believes that replacing "rule of man" with "rule of law" can overcome the fluctuations in enterprise development caused by personal will, emotions, ideological deviations, and analysis errors, and establish a set of scientific and reasonable standards to manage the enterprise and regulate employees ’ Behavior, which is conducive to ensuring the long-term and stable development of enterprises.

    Develop through quality     Quality is the life of an enterprise, and products represent character. "C&U" does not consider how to deal with and overwhelm competitors, but focus on how to comprehensively lead all competitors in terms of product quality. Because "C&U" thinks that in a market economy, competitors will always exist. Only by being skilled in management and improving product technology is the key to dominating the market. C&U Group always adheres to the quality policy of " To provide society with the highest quality products and service ", striving for survival with quality and development with credibility, continuously increasing investment in technological transformation and research and development of new products, and taking quality as the cornerstone and golden key for the survival and development of enterprises .

    Endless innovation     Innovation is the soul of an enterprise and the vitality of enterprise development. It first manifests itself in the innovation of the concept of employees of the C&U group. C&U breaks the traditional concept and consciousness to build its own brand, which is embodied in system innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation. C&U Group develops and strengthens itself through innovation, realizing the scale of benefits, and building the enterprise into a more competitive one. 

  • Cultural overview

    Through more than three decades of development, C&U has transformed from a small workshop completely into the nationwide leader in the bearing industry, and has ranked into top 10 worldwide bearing manufacturer. Meanwhile, the connotation of its enterprise culture “people oriented, manage as per by-law, develop through quality and endless innovation” is becoming clearer and richer, which has laid a solid foundation for building up an group enterprise with strong competitiveness.

    Concept culture—undertake the mighty cause of development

    As early as the plant was set up, C&U had proposed the operational concept of “human-oriented, manage as per bylaw, develop through quality and endless innovation”. “Human-oriented” is to respect people, which is the core of C&U culture. “Manage as per bylaw” is to manage the enterprise through series of rational, scientific rules, to regulate employee behaviors and guarantee smooth operation of the enterprise by law(standardization) instead of people. “Develop through quality”- C&U insists on the concept of “To provide society with the highest products and service” and considers product quality as the most essential. “Endless innovation” is not only a requirement for C&U development, but also a dazzling banner in C&U culture.

    Management Culture—standardize enterprise behaviors

    By considering the practical situation of group development, C&U has been continuously reforming, restructuring and innovating enterprise property system, management system and operation system to form a management framework with C&U characteristics based on a pragmatic attitude and down-to-earth working style. C&U advocates the management concept of “The standard is the largest, followed by the general manager, and everyone is equal before the standard”. In the group, from chairman to common employee, everyone is equally treated.

    Innovation culture—promote enterprise culture

    C&U people believe that first class products come from endless innovation; therefore, they continuously develop and enhance the technical innovative capacity. Each design of a bearing is a process of innovation, during which the group develops its brand and wins customer satisfaction. A product development mode has been formed as “production—storage—developmentdesign”, which guarantees a prosperous future for the enterprise.

    Home culture—optimize working environment

    C&U boasts a characteristic enterprise culture -it resembles a school or more appropriately a warm home. “School” is to improve employee’s theoretical level, provide on-job training, enhance their ability of enterprise management, help them to become competent talents who can work independently and convert their ability into production capability. Home is to cultivate the culture of an extended family; within the family, every one cares for each other in daily life, learns from and encourages each other during work; every one is a host of the enterprise.

    Educational culture—improve employee quality

    Employees are the most precious resource to the enterprise. C&U establishes a favorable platform for the development of every single individual. C&U is a school, cultivating compound talents. Through training, batches of employees gradually grow up to be production models, business backbones, operation specialists and management experts who are pragmatic, smart, tenacious and enterprising.

    Cooperative culture—create a footstone to achieve win-win results

    C&U Group has maintained good cooperative relations with multiple well-known bearing enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad for a long time. C&U bearings are widely used in more than 40 industries, such as vehicle, appliance, motor, motorbike, engineering machinery, power tool, agriculture, textile machinery, industrial robots, wind power, and medical equipment. C&U has received favorable comments from these clients and kept good long term favorable cooperation with them.

    Reputation culture—display enterprise image

    The concepts of "corporate reputation is the lifeline of an enterprise; reputation first, profit second; better losing money than losing reputation" put forwarded by C&U Group has become the conscious behavior of all employees. To consumers, C&U propose the quality policy of "To provide society with the highest quality products and service". To partners, C&U propose the corporate development concept of "credibility is the foundation, win-win is the motive, cooperation and unity is the best way". Corporate reputation and product brand grow together through these concepts. In addition, C&U Group has also established an enterprise reputation guarantee system, which has been incorporated into the agenda of the companys operation and management, making every effort to create "credibility of C&U" and show the world a beautiful image of Chinese private enterprises.