C&U Participated in 2024 World Tunnel CongressTime of publication:2024-05-06

The 2024 World Tunnel Congress (WTC2024), the worlds top tunnel and underground engineering industry congress, was held in Shenzhen, China from 19 to 25, April,2024. This congress focused on the latest sustainable development trends in tunnel and underground engineering. In order to promote the development of the industry and the progress of society,this congress advocates energy-saving, environmentally friendly,green and low-carbon, intelligent and safe solutions.

C&U was invited to participate in this exhibition, in which it displayed the main shaft bearings of shield tunneling machine, slewing bearings of segment erector, rear joint bearings of screw conveyor, TRBs of high-performance shield machine tools and bearings used in the rail transit industry. All these bearings contribute to the bearing solutions for the construction and engineering of tunnels, presenting our new technology, new craftsmanship and new equipment in the field of tunnelling.

Experts and scholars from many countries visited our booth, expressed their strong interest in C&U and speak highly of our products after knowing our R&D strength and related products. Many tunnel construction units, advanced research institutes and equipment manufacturers also have a good communication with us, showing their strong willing to strengthen cooperation and seek common development with C&U.

In the future, C&U will accelerate the construction of a new development pattern and promote the gathering of talents, the innovation of technology, and the development of industry. We are committed to technological innovation in the field of tunnelling engineering so as to promote the development of tunnelling and underground engineering. We hope that all these efforts could help us unearth a better future!